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About 3 Gear Games / Studios

Meet The 3 Gear Crew




The 3 Gears Game Room is used to build communities by bringing people together through tabletop gaming. Relax and enjoy a variety of new and old Board Games, RPGs, Miniature Figures as well as handcrafted local art, crystals, self-care items, and all kinds of whimsical things to spark the goblin brain. If you are new to board gaming or the area and find yourself looking to build your gaming community; 3 Gear Game Room is the place for you! Owned and operated by Stewart, Lena and Puppy Mascot Cinnamuffin. Our focus is on creating a diverse and welcoming environment to give you a great experience, build friendships, and/ or challenge yourself.  
* Play * Explore * Transform


Help Support 3 Gear Studios

We are a new and growing startup that came out of the need to support our local community of gamers and artists and we need your help to keep our dream going during this Covid-19 Disaster.

We have set up a 3 Tiered Patreon system to take donations: for those that want to help support us.
If you are unable to donate to Patreon but would still like to support us here are a variety of ways you can help us out:
  • Share us with your network, tell your work, school, club, organization, family or friends about us, word of mouth is a very powerful form of advertising. Tag us in your photos here @3geargames or #3geargames
  • Need a good story for your publication? Write About Us!
  • Sign up for a play pass
  • Volunteer to run a RPG game for us
  • Have your tabletop meetup in our spacious, clean and well-lit game room ( when we re-open)
  • Consider donating your new or gently used Board Games, RPG Books, and Miniatures to our game library where they will find a good 2nd home.
Can you help in a way we haven’t thought of?
Shoot us an email [email protected]

Building your community through tabletop games!


Owners Lena , Stewart & Cinnamuffin



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  • May   Grand Opening!
  • July   Joined The Mount Airy Commons ( A collection of small businesses in Mount Airy, MD)
  • October Hosted our biggest event to date Game Of Thrones Battle On The Bay Of Crabs Tournament!
  • November  Raised over $3000 for Extra Life with Break My Game and The Party Game Cast during our first 24 hr Gaming Marathon in The Mill featuring, tabletop Games , RPGs , video games and more!


  • February Our first publication in The Baltimore Sun.
  • November Our team raised over $5000 For Extra Life and our local children's hospital


  • January 29 - Our Cinnamuffin poodle mascot was born
  • Fall 2021 Became a sponsor of Tabetop Gaymers  and Hoco Pride
  • Nov.19th - Featured in Voyage Baltimore
  • Nov-Dec  Our Team raised over $5000 for Extra Life!


  • May 4th!  We changed locations we now have a bigger better space in Historic Laurel

         Visit us at 25 C Street, Laurel MD 20707






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