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1 Role Playing Seasons Program FAQ
1.1 1. What does season Role Playing Game mean?

Seasons Role Playing Games


1. What does season Role Playing Game mean?

We run many RPG games in 3-month blocks. They start at the beginning of the month and last until the end of the month.

Spring: March-May

Summer: June- August

Fall: September -November

Winter: December -February


1.2 2. How much does it cost to join?

$5 per person per game

1.3 3. What if I am not able to come to all the games, should I still sign up?

We understand that not everyone will be able to make every game, just as long as you make every effort to come to all the games, we still would encourage you to sign up. If you have to miss a few games and you know ahead of time, please talk to the GM about it to make arrangements. 

1.4 4. What will happen to my character if I miss a game?

Most likely they will be safe in the plot hole cafe until your return. However, every GM has different rules which will be posted in the signup form for the game.

1.5 5. What happens after the season is done?

Players and the GM can decide if they would like to continue the game or if they would like to disband.

1.6 6. Are there other Role Playing Games I can join?

We do have monthly One-Shots. We also have games that are done outside of this program by private groups. Any games that are open to the public we will post on our website and newsletter. Anyone that wants to run a game here outside of the program, we will try our best to accommodate. Send an email to [email protected]

1.7 7. What are the ages of the players?

The majority of our games are played and run by adults whose ages vary widely from game to game. Occasionally we will have a teen or two join these games. We do have a Teens D&D game for 13 -17yrs  old and have also run a Kids D&D game for ages 8-12 years. The ages for both the Teens and Kids D&D games are flexible depending upon the player and these games are run by the owner of 3 Gear Studios or staff. 

1.8 8. If my child is in a game, do I have to join it as well?

Please note that we are unable to make anyone stay in the game room. We cannot be held responsible for anything that happens outside of the game room. Many parents will leave during the game at their own discretion. If your child is a part of any of our RPG games they will be expected to fully participate in it, as well as follow the game room rules. Failure to do so may result in them being asked to leave the game/ game room.