Important Notice

We will be closed until further notice.
We are monitoring the situation closely and are in contact with The Historic Savage Mill. Currently Savage Mill is closed to the general public and the doors are locked as well as the west parking lot. We will inform you all as soon as possible of any changes. Please sign up for our newsletter as an additional source of information and updates.We will be adding some virtual events soon, and doing whatever we can to support our community of gamers and artists, during this difficult time.
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Lena and Stewart Sinex


Ways To Support Us:

We are concerned about how governor Hogans' mandate is already affecting small businesses like ours; as we’ve already experienced lost revenue through canceled events. We rely on your support to pay our expenses and keep our doors open. I know it’s a lot to ask during these uncertain times, but here are some ways you can help support us:


Shop Online

If you find yourself at home, consider buying some great games like Dungeon Mayhem or Pandemic from our website.

Call us at 443-604-3578 to arrange:

  • Delivery (If you live within 15 min of Savage Mill)
  • Shipping (we our working on making this an option on our website)
  • We can also hold them for you in- store until you are ready to get them after we open back up. 



Support Our Patreon

We have set up a 3 Tiered Patreon system with special benefits like behind the scenes updates and videos, as well as a Patreon member only chat in Discord and adding your name to the list of awesome below:
We just want to take a moment and acknowledge all you wonderful people that have sought fit to become a Patreon Patron  for 3 Gear Studios. Words cannot express how humbling it is to know that you support our vision and what we do. We are working hard on fulling all the tiers and add some additional benefits. Your support adds fuel to our fire to work harder than ever. We are truly in this together.


Be Our Street Team

Help us grow our online reach, through social media shares, reviews, creating and sharing content about our shop (tag @3geargames or @3gearstudios), newsletter signups, and recommendations.

* Please let us know if you would be willing to live stream your game to our Twitch channel.

We have set up the following discord channel

We have created a discord channel for our gamers to join please use the invite link below:

so far we have 46 members! 


Finally, we would like to say ‘thank you’ to our amazing community. We have not even been in business for a year and have already amassed a devoted and wonderful community. Thank you for your continuous support as we continue to grow this crazy idea of a game room/ art studio. None of this would be possible without you.  

Thank you! ~ Stewart and Lena




We are working on adding some Virtual events to the calendar.


The following events will be rescheduled (more info TBA)


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