COVID-19 Update:

We ask all customers entering the shop to please wear a face mask and follow social distancing guidelines. While we would love to see your faces, we are not quite ready to host in-store events. Feel free to join our Discord group and join our online virtual events, thank you for understanding. If you like what we do and what to support our small businesses during these challenging times, please consider supporting us on Patreon or shopping small with us. 




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Main Location

Visit us at 8600 Foundry Street, Savage MD 20763



Tabletop Tuesdays


Today’s episode of Tabletop Tuesday is an unboxing and assembly video of The Army Painter and Hobby Racks. We have been trying to get in forever! Learn about all the cool things inside (it’s more than just paint)



Thaumaturgy Thursdays

Join me for some DIY whimsical crafty fun every Thursday. Help us spread the world and share with your friends.
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