The Urban Legend

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The Urban Legend

Created by Paris White / The Whites LLC

  • 2-6 players
  • 8+

Object Of The Game

This is a simple (2) to (6) player game for ages 8 and up wherein each player races to the FINISH.  Play as individuals racing through Paris’ “THE URBAN LEGEND” neighborhood, trying to find ways to stay COOL during the HOTTEST summer ever.  Making it from SCHOOL, through the neighborhood, and to the BLOCK PARTY will not be an easy task.  A prankster brother (GENE), a daredevil cousin (ANTOINE), help PARIS along this journey, a little.  Beware of a killer dog named Fluffy aka CHEWBARKA, and neighborhood BULLIES.  ROCKETS, SHORT CUTS, ROLLER COASTERS, a little tattle tale name KONA, and more stand between you and the sweet taste of POP’S RIBS.  Oh, and VICTORY at the FINISH line. - distributor description


Game Components

1 Gameboard

50 The Urban Legend Game Cards

36 Little Legend Game Cards

6 Avatars

1 Sand Timer

1 Dice

1 Rule Booklet



About the Author


Growing up on stories and fables that I could not identify with, and playing games that I could not relate to; I had a wonderful life going up in Washington, DC.  These are my childhood stories that I would tell my daughter before she went bed.  She found them so entertaining that it inspired me to write them into a series of books. There were plenty of good times that were had be all and that are unique to our culture which are rarely told. We need to recognize and remember the African American Legends that have paved the way for young people today, and the future Legends of tomorrow.  The Urban Legend series will bring families together for story time and a WHOLE LOT of interactive fun.

- The Urban Legend Series Website



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The Urban Legend Summer Adventures The Journey to be Cool


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