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Portraits and Fairies

I'm experimenting with a new concept and would like to know what you think. For those of you who enjoy the whimsical, playful side of life, I am mixing my fairy painting with portraiture, more or less. In other words, the likeness might not be 100% but it will be as close as I can manage at that scale and you can certainly see yourself or someone that you care deeply for with a few pounds shaved off....or even more that a few! if you'd like to see yourself as a fairy, just send an email to [email protected]



Join the realm of fairies

Who is the Fairy Harmony?

She represents her people, the fairies, and serves as their Ambassador to the humans.

Harmony has made friends with this human in order to convince his people to stop destroying the environment and each other. The fairies fear for their world which they share with us and even as their lives are spent nurturing the world of growing things, they see the humans undoing their work and threatening their way of life. They also see how we fight for power and money and they fear us greatly. The world of fairies is a peaceful one where money doesn’t even exist and fairies who quest for power are shunned.  Harmony’s mission is to teach the humans how to live in peace and care for their environment. Let us all hope that she succeeds!

Join Roxana Sinex for our April virtual painting lesson. Roxy will be demonstrating how to paint a series of woodland fairy folk. 


Dates: Thursdays,  August 3,11,18 & 25

Time: 7pm - 9pm EST

Cost: FREE!

Instructor: Roxana Sinex

Materials Needed: oil paints, brushes, canvas or board for each project.

Click here to download the photo for this project. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any problems getting the picture.

It would be preferable to use an 8" x 8" canvas or board for this project. Click the link above to download the sketch to print out, make sure you have filled in the sketch on your canvas or board ahead of time and allow it to dry at least 24hrs. 

Place: 3 Gear Studios Facebook


Past  Lessons

 Please enjoy the Painting with Roxy Playlist on Facebook:

click here > Facebook Video Playlist for all the lessons from Roxana Sinex like these:

July 2022

Bug Finder



June 2022

Cinnamuffin The Troopin Woofin Floofin Cicada Hunter


May 2022

Starshine & Luna Dawn

Fairies specialize in acts of kindness to their environment, their animal friends and to each other. They mate for life and treasure their children who are apprenticed at a young age either within their family unit or clan, depending on the trade they plan to pursue. They are very socially dependent on each other and maintain a symbiotic relationship with their environment for their mutual survival. Here, you see the fairy Starshine sharing the joy brought by spring flowers to his life-mate, Luna Dawn


April 2022

How To Paint Fairy Golden Shimmer

The fairy Golden Shimmer was born into the Critters Clan in Hoover and his chipmunk family’s cozy burrow. As she grew, she learned the ways of the chipmunks and joined them in their food gathering and preparations for the cyclical seasonal changes. She had certain unique fairy qualities that provided the family with resources, fine weavings and delicate tools that they could not master the making of themselves, in exchange for the warm, soft winter nest that they provided her to survive the cold winters. This exemplifies the symbiotic relationship that fairies maintain with the world of nature in which they live. - Roxy

March 2022

How To Paint Fairy Slime Seeker

"The fairy Slime Seeker has a predatory nature toward slimy creatures like slugs and snails, compelling him to seek them out before they can damage more of the flowers and plants that the fairies love so much and depend on for their way of life. His favorite means of ridding the landscape of these pests is shooting them with poison darts made from sharp thorns coated with poison plant secretions and blown through a hollow reed. The remaining corpse is dried and used for compost." -Roxana Sinex

February 2022

How To Paint Fairy Autumn Song

"The fairy, Autumn Song, sings out to the earth when the fairy tribes are in need of garnering resources. This is particularly helpful in autumn for it guides her to rich collections of berries, mushrooms and nuts to gather and store for winter. Here, in a period of drought, her song has summoned a new spring, drawing water from the earth’s depths to provide for the needs of her people."

January 2022

How To Paint Dew Dancer

Dew Dancer items are now available in our Esty Store so you can take home this magical woodland fairy.

Canvas, Posters, Cards and even Pillows, and if you would like Dew Dancer on certain items like a shirt, notebook, tote bag etc... Shoot us a message and we will see about making it for you. More items to come!

Who is Dew Dancer?  She is a fairy whose job it is to sprinkle dew drops on plants and flowers very early each day to help them be happy and healthy. Fairies need the nectar from flowers to give them the power of flight so they careful nurture gardens and other plant life. She is particularly fond of red coral bells as they compliment the colors in her wings so well.

December 2021

October - November 2021

10/7 - Golden Columbine | 10/14 - Mountain Azalea |10/21 Magnolia  | 10/28  Spiderlily

11/ 4 Climbing Dayflower | 11/ 11 Golden Trumpet Vine | 11/18 - Chrysanthemum

Time: 7pm - 9pm (EST)

September 2021" Joy In Roses"


August 2021 "How To Paint A Cat In A Basket"


July 2021 " How To Paint A Mimosa Flower"


June 2021 "How To Paint A Dragon" with a Halfling


MAY 2021 "How To Paint Purple Pansies" featuring Cinnamuffin!


April 2021" How To Paint A Forest Glen"


March 2021 “How to Paint an Ocean Scene in Grisaille”


(February 2021) Beginners Oil Painting Lesson


(January 2021) How To Paint Japanese Snow Scene


(December  2020) How To Paint Japanese Maple Leaves In The Rain


(November  2020) How To Paint  Unity In Diversity

(October 2020) How To Paint Autumn Trees

(September 2020) How To Paint The Ocean

(August 2020) - How To Paint A Water Lily

(July 2020) How To Paint Eyes

(June 2020 ) HOW TO PAINT A CAT