2021 Board Game Mosaic Calendar

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2021 Board Game Mosaic Calendar

Created by Katia Howatson


"A high-quality saddle-stitched 12x12 inches calendar comprising 13 works of art inspired by publishers such as Stonemaier, Roxley, Board & Dice and many more. All the monthly images are made of board game components. The calendar includes a section to log your monthly game plays, as well as a dedicated 10x10 challenge page at the end of the calendar." - kickstarter description


  • Every month has a component mosaic of a well-known board game as the main image, as well as a mosaic of that publisher's logo.
  • There is a write up about the publisher, including their website so you can check out their games.
  • The calendar includes a section to write the games you played during the month.
  • At the end of the calendar, you will find a 10x10 challenge page!



- kickstarter description

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