Slow & Steady Oil Original by Robin Kinney

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Slow & Steady by Robin Kinney (1 in stock)

Original 12"x 12" Oil Painting on Canvas $310.00 framed

The first in my Aesop's Fables series, this Galapagos Tortoise was photographed while on a visit to Plumpton Park Zoo, in Cecil County, Maryland. My old roommate borrowed her sister's kids to share the zoo with me and my kids. We saw many great animals and several of my photographs may find their way onto my canvas. When I saw this tortoise, I knew that I needed to paint it, even though it wasn't a bird. My track record for painting birds was strong enough that I kept threatening to call this painting "Not-a-Bird."

As I was painting this, I realized that this painting represented something new, not just a break from my avian habit. I stopped calling it "Not-a-Bird" and started calling it "Slow & Steady" -- to be paired with a rabbit called "Wins the Race." This pairing of paintings is designed to work individually or together. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed painting it.


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