Premium Magic Wands

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Premium Magic Wands by Magic Beans

Magic Beans Apothecary Hand Made Magic Wands. Our Expert Wandmakers traveled the globe to bring you only the finest quality magical ingredients for even and consistent spellcasting.


  • Sea Witch Wand        11.5 inches        Bamboo Kracken Heartstring Core


  • Ocean Magic Wand     11.5 inches       Bamboo Hydra Tongue core


  • Arctic Ice Wand          11.5 inches        Bamboo Yeti Fur Core


  • Unicorn Magic Wand (Blue) 11inches    Black Enamel Finish      Blue Unicorn Hair Core 


  • Unicorn Magic Wand (Red)   11inches    Black Enamel Finish       Red Unicorn Hair Core


  • Pixie Magic    11inches Bamboo and Pixie Bone Wolfsbane and Pixie Blood Core


  • Steampunk Wands   9 inches Utilizing a method perfected in Dr. Frankenstein's journals using science to harness magical energy. Electric Eel Scale core




Each item is handmade as such there may be slight variations.


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