Moss Agate Cut Crystals

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Moss Agate Cut Crystals

Bring some greenery into your life with Moss Agate. This unique stone looks like a birds eye view of planet Earth. The moss like growths inside this milky stone comes from a variety of inclusions such as iron. The Healing properties of this stone encourages new beginnings and growth in success, friendships and wealth. It stimulates the heart chakra.

Each crystal  is numbered for your convenience so that you can easily choose the crystal that calls to you from the drop-down menu


  • MA 001     Cut: Heart        Weight:   .4oz   Measurements:   3.5cm  x 3.5cm x .75cm
  • MA 002     Cut: Heart        Weight:   .3oz   Measurements:    3cm x 3cm x .75cm
  • MA 003     Cut: Heart        Weight:  .2oz   Measurements:    3cm x 3cm x.5cm
  • MA 004     Cut: Heart        Weight:   .2oz   Measurements:    3cm x 3cm x.5cm
  • MA 005     Cut: Drop         Weight:   .2oz   Measurements:     4cm x 2cm x.5cm
  • MA 006     Cut: Drop         Weight:   .2oz   Measurements:     4.5cm x 2cm x.5cm
  • MA 007     Cut: Drop         Weight:   .3oz   Measurements:     4cm x 2cm x .5cm
  • MA 008     Cut: Drop         Weight:  .3oz    Measurements:    4 cm x 2 cm x .5cm
  • MA 009     Cut: Drop         Weight:  .6oz    Measurements:    5.25cm x 2.5 cm x1.75cm
  • MA 010     Cut: Diamond  Weight:   .3oz     Measurements:  4.75cm x2.5cm x.5cm 


  • As a natural item please understand there may be slight imperfections, if you would like more photos please send a message. Also note the photo may look bigger than in person, please refer to the description for measurements. Measurements are in centimeters length x width x height measured at their longs points.

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    Each crystal comes with my handmade properties card and is wrapped and handled with care.

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