Jasper stone necklaces

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Jasper Stone Necklaces

Each stone is uniquely decorated to bring out their whimsical charm.

Materials: Jasper stone sizes vary / Rainbow chain length about 10inch / Swarovski Crystal / UV resin


1.  Koi Pond  Jasper Necklace    Stone Size 1.5 in  x 1.5in     / 2 goldfishes, lilypad,  preserved moss

2.  Koi Pond Jasper Necklace 2    Stone Size 1.5in x 1.5 in   /  1 goldfish, lilypad, preserved moss and seashell

3.  Mushroom  Jasper Necklace  Stone Size  1.5in x .5 in  / clay mushroom, preserved moss

4.  Sea Shell Jasper Necklace   Stone Size   1 in x 1.5 in / sea shell , preserved moss

Sizes are estimates and may be slightly smaller or larger


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