Honeycomb Earrings

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Honeycomb Earrings

For the love of bees. These beeutiful earrings are inspired by one of the earth's most important creatures. This honeycomb necklace shimmers in the sun and the bee is made from hand-cut paper, I also added a crystal to give it an elegant touch.

Comes in two colors styles:

Daisy Yellow : This honeycomb is a bright shimmery yellow and is decorated with dried preserved wonderfully whimsical flowers

Golden Yellow: This honeycomb is a richer deeper yellow and decorated with little gears to give it a more playful steampunk feel.

Materials: UV resin, paper, metal, Swarovski crystal

Fun Bee Fact: Honey bees are not born knowing how to make honey. They are taught by the older bees in the hive.

A portion of the proceeds with be donated to The Honeybee Conservancy.

#savethebees #honeybeeconservancy

This item is handmade to order, as such their maybe a slight variation in color. The type of flowers and decorations used as well as their placement may also vary.

Please allow 3 days for order processing.

Pickup the necklace for a wonderfully whimsical matching set!


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