Gone Fishing Oil Original by Robin Kinney

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Gone Fishing by Robin Kinney ( 1 in stock)

Oil Original 24"x 12"  Painting on Canvas: $680.00 Custom Framed

While I was working as a substitute school librarian at Cradlerock Elementary School, I looked for opportunities to walk around nearby Lake Elkhorn after work. One day something caught my eye as I started across the bridge spanning the lake's feeder stream. Taking a closer look, I saw a female Great Blue Heron standing about five feet away from me. Very cautiously, I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and started taking pictures as I eased into a better position. Eventually, I was on the bank next to the bridge and I still hadn't spooked the bird, snapping pictures, fearfully amazed at how close I'd gotten to such a large wild animal. (Females are shorter than males, but she was still probably around 3' tall -- only two feet shorter than myself).

A few magical minutes later, a pair of cyclists sped down the path and across the bridge, spooking her into flight. Standing up, I snapped pictures as quickly as I could as she flew away, hoping that she was still in frame as the sun glare made it difficult to see my phone's screen. From those pictures, I got not only this painting, but it's companion piece "On My Way."

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