Full Moon Carved Crystal Sphere

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Full Moon Carved Crystal Spheres

These beautifully carved crystals come in heavenly full moon shapes and instantly transform any space into an otherworldly escape. 

Stand not included

Weight Approximately: 3 oz      Size: 1.5 in diameter

 White Marble


 Spiderweb Jasper

 Red Jasper

 Black Obsidian

 Rose Quartz

 Orange Calcite

Rainbow Fluorite 

 (Fluorite  / Moss Agate ( sold out)


Each crystal comes with my handmade properties card and is wrapped and handled with care.

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Your purchases shape our shop, if these moon crystals do well we will try to bring in even more of them and in different varieties.

| Cherrae Stuart

I loved the veining in the stone, the color was perfect and they shipped really quickly!

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