Canada Goose Oil Original by Robin Kinney

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Canada Goose (1 in stock)
Oil Original 12"x12" Oil Painting on Board: $225.00.
Shortly after I graduated from my undergraduate college program, my father went back to school for a photography degree.  Sometimes I think that was a bit mean, as one of my brothers was attending the same school at the same time....  As a photography student, Dad produced many fabulous pieces of photographic art including the reference photo for this painting.  While he owns the copyright for his black and white photograph, which was taken at a lake in Columbia, Maryland, my father granted me permission to transform his image into a full-color oil painting.

One day, while I was working on this painting, I left it drying in the gallery while I went to work nearby.  Several hours later, I needed to deliver something to the gallery and took the opportunity to look at my mostly finished work.  Something was off about the picture, and it took me several long moments of staring at it to realize what the problem was -- I'd left it upside down on the easel so the bottom edge could dry!  I would have felt dumb, but I wasn't the only one to be tricked by the topsy turvy image.

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