Game Masters Wanted Winter 2020 Role Playing Games

Game Masters Wanted Winter 2020 Role Playing Games

We are looking for a group of Game Masters to run their games for our 3 Gear Studios Gamers.

  • Run the game you want be it Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Shadowrun, Indie RPGs  etc!
  • We find players for your game
  • We create a channel for your game and players on our Discord
  • Run your game (online) any day any time

Please note that the most popular systems like Dungeons and Dragons 5E will probably be the easiest to fill.

If you or someone you know is willing to run their RPG Games online for us, please share this information with them and help us grow our RPG community.


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We ask everyone who is participating in our program to signup to our Discord

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We recommend having your user name be your character name followed by (your first name) so that we can easily identify you.

Please read the welcome pin at the top and as always please practice internet safety guidelines as this is a 3rd party site. 

By joining our Discord / Seasons Program you agree that you have read and agree to follow our code of conduct:

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Due to recent developments with COVID-19, we have been unable to host our RPG games in store. In order to provide uninterrupted service, as much as possible, we have moved our games to Discord. Each GM will be given a channel for their game and players. Feel free to use this channel to talk about your campaign. If your game is not held through our discord please provide the relevant link to your game. (roll 20 , fantasy grounds)

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