Summer Season 2020 Role Playing Games

Attention All Role Players!

We now have our sign-ups open for the Summer 2020 RPG Season.
Choose from a variety of great games that are great for new players as well as the seasoned vet. Play from the comfort of your own home. Some games fill up fast and early access was given to our Patreon Patrons. If you have a friend that wants to play in any of these games, please send them the players sign-up link below. 

These games will be running from the first week of June to the last week in August.




Dungeons and Dragons 5E Forgotten Realms

Something is amiss and rumors abound of undead and strange sightings. Duke Pwyll of Daggerford is desperate to strengthen his defenses once he learns of the loss of his greatest ally, King Melandrach of the Laughing Hollow. Welcome to Daggerford. The once sleepy little river town has suffered staggering losses over the last year. Are there any heroes brave enough to defend it against the threats all around?
DM: Damon Dienhart.
Time:  2pm-6pm



Castles & Crusaders

We will be continuing our exploration of the dark and primeval forest the Darkenfold. New players are welcome and will be brought in at the appropriate level.

GM is Richard Clayton

Time: 7pm-10pm

Spots: 10   There are 4 spots remaining


Dungeons & Dragons 5E (Eberron Setting)

Dark things are brewing in the jungles of Q'barra in Eberron. The fate of Hope falls and perhaps the entire continent is at stake.
DM: John Popiak 
Time: 6pm-9pm.
Spots:6     There is 1 seat open


Dungeons and Dragons 5E Ramp up to Tyranny of Dragons Part B.

The plan is to wrapping up a story arc and then diving into the back half Tyranny of Dragons.




Flying on the frontier in a space ship. Players will have to survive away from the civility of the Pact Worlds. In this homebrew campaign.

GM: Stewart Sinex
Time: 2pm-5pm and has
Slots:6    4 seats open



Dungeons and Dragons 5E Waterdeep Dragonheist

DM: Amanda Mettle and runs from
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Spots:6 1 seat left.


Dungeons and Dragons 5E Forgotten Realms (Continued)

"Welcome to the sleepy little river town of Daggerford along the Shining River. It is a walled town of around 300 permanent residents, the duke, and his family. Outside the walled town are a number of farming hamlets within a day’s walk (15-20 miles) and a few estates of minor nobility. North along the High Road is Waterdeep. Beyond its walls adventure abounds. The adventure continues at 10th level."
DM: Damon Dienhart
Time: 6pm-10pm.
Spots: 6     4 spots remaining


Dungeons and Dragons 5E Homebrew

Finally we a teens only game. We will be running some classic dungeons.
DM: Stewart Sinex (owner)
Spots: We have space for 1 more Teen

Our in-store games run on Game Passes. However, due to Covid-19 the Stay at home mandate issued by the government has meant, we have had to move many of our games online for the time being. We understand the financial hardships many people are facing and so we are not strictly enforcing this. Our biggest concern is that everyone is able to continue their games especially during these stressful times.

We do still have bills to pay and so we are asking those of you that are playing in our games that are able to do so, to please continue to support us by purchasing your game passes online or supporting us on Patreon.

You can now get a day pass, month, seasonal or yearly pass online

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We are still looking for GMs to sign up for our

Summer Seasons RPG Program

  • Run the game you want be it Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Shadowrun, Indie RPGs  etc!
  • We find players for your game
  • We create a channel for your game and players on our Discord
  • Run your game (online) any day any time

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If you or someone you know is willing to run their RPG Games online for us, please share this information with them and help us grow our RPG community.

  • If you would like to run a RPG One Shot we are working on a google doc form, which we will post here soon


Due to recent developments with COVID-19, we have been unable to host our RPG games in store. In order to provide uninterrupted service, as much as possible, we have moved our games to Discord. Each GM will be given a channel for their game and players. Feel free to use this channel to talk about your campaign. If your game is not held through our discord please provide the relevant link to your game. (roll 20 , fantasy grounds)


We ask everyone who is participating in our program to signup to our Discord

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We recommend having your user name be your character name followed by (your first name) so that we can easily identify you.

Please read the welcome pin at the top and as always please practice internet safety guidelines as this is a 3rd party site. 

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We hope to be back in the shop soon, until then thanks for sticking with us as we navigate these uncharted waters.



RPG Seasons Past


These games will run from the first week in March to the last week in May.